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The controversy (generally speaking, one could hardly call it a conversation) continues.  For the latest update on the reaction to Phil Johnson’s Shepherd’s Conference message, see here.  He notes that by profane he doesn’t necessarily mean “cussing” and he provides a clear answer to those critics who charged him with hypocrisy given some of his parodies and wisecracks in previous years:

“I’m certainly not proud of every parody I have ever invented or every wisecrack I have made. The sudden rise of profaneness in the pulpit over the past 3 years is one of the things that has driven me to rethink how freely we ought to indulge in hard-edged humor.”

Phil sums up with the following:

“If I could ask just one question of them, it would be this: What, precisely, do you think Ephesians 5:4 forbids?”


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Phil Johnson’s other message at the Shepherd’s Conference this year was on evangelicalism.  In 2005 and 2006 he had addressed fundamentalism. I am thankful for these messages because they help clarify my thinking and identity after coming out of Confessional Presbyterianism about a year ago.  For some time now I’ve been joking from time to time that I was a fundamentalist.  If understood in its early 20th Century usage, the label is not inaccurate.  Evangelical separatism in the vein of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon and John MacArthur is what I identify with most.  I think I will follow Phil in adopting the moniker paleoevangelical.

Phil’s sermon can be downloaded here.  It can be downloaded at the Shepherd’s Fellowship as well.

Pulpit Magazine is in the process of posting Phil’s notes.  The first two installments are up.

Part 1

Part 2

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The Pyromaniac himself, Phil Johnson, lived up to his name yesterday at the Shepherd’s Conference in a message that  extracts the teeth from the Mark Driscoll apologists and others who defend vulgarity in the name of contextualization.  Click here for the message.   (The link to the message is in the last paragraph.  It will be available on the Shepherd’s Fellowship website as well to those who are registered members.)

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