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Note: Replacement theology is a pejorative term that most contemporary covenant theologians resent. But I don’t know that anyone has come up with a better term to describe the differences between those who apply the kingdom promises of the OT entirely to the church (among other issues) and those who argue that there is both a national and a spiritual fulfillment. The latter do not all fit in the dispensational category. See here for a historic premillennialist who interpreted OT prophecy more “literally” than many historic premillennialists do today, yet was also a covenant theologian.

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So many people try to quote Ladd to show that he is on their side.  This has been numerous times with Covenant Theologians, so much so that many people just assume that Ladd believed in Replacement Theology.  The following are some quotes from The Gospel of the Kingdom by George Eldon Ladd.  They shed light on his position and show that he in no way embraced replacement theology.  While his view remains in many ways unique, I believe it fits very well into the position of Historic PreMillennialism.  Here are the quotes from the chapter entitled The Kingdom, Israel and the Church:

  It is impossible to think of two peoples of God through whom God is carrying out two different redemptive purposes without doing violence to Romans 11.


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