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These nine sermons that were preached at the Pensacola Theological Institute in August 1969 have been made freely available here by the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust.   These messages were preached during ML-J’s last visit to the USA, a visit in which he also gave the lectures at Westminster Theological Seminary that were the basis for his book Preaching and Preachers.

As the description notes, Hurricane Camille was bearing down on the Gulf Coast as the series commenced.  Eventually, the storm made landfall to the west of Pensacola, with the Florida Panhandle escaping the brunt of the storm.  If memory serves, I recall reading that the power went out during one of the messages, but the Doctor went on, unabated.  During the course of his ministry at Westminster Chapel in London, he had preached through The Blitz, so I suppose by that point, he wasn’t easily fazed!

I haven’t listened to many Lloyd-Jones sermons in recent years, so I look forward to listening to these.

Note:  Earlier today, Dan Phillips brought out a very interesting point related to Dr. Lloyd-Jones preaching.


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