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I was disappointed today to see that the Theologue site has been shut down by its owner. This was a website dedicated to Reformed and Calvinistic theology, broadly speaking. The owner, Ed Sanders, no doubt has his reasons for discontinuing the site. We are grateful for his work on it and are thankful that it was a very helpful resource for so many years.

My main interest in the site was that it was perhaps the largest collection of Historic Premillennial resources on the web with which I am familiar, with the exception of something like Google Books.   (It appeared to me to be the largest with regard to the sheer number of links, to be specific, if not the actual volume of material.)  There were several entire books posted as well.   Much of this material was from older writers (1950’s and earlier, largely) who were critical of dispensationalism while nevertheless having a larger place for Israel in their theology than most “Historic Premils” do today. Many Historic Premils today (or perhaps non-dispensationalist premils in general) seem to differ little from amillennialism except when it comes to Revelation Chapter 20.   I suspect that many would be surprised to learn that many of these older writers, including such worthies as Charles Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle and Horatius Bonar, believed that Israel as a nation would be converted and restored (as a nation) to the Promised Land.  Today this view is largely equated with dispensationalism.

In his announcement, the site owner writes “Most, if not all, of the materials I have posted are on other websites and can be found using a search engine.”  In general, that’s true.  But I think a good many of the eschatology articles aren’t available elsewhere that I know of. That likely includes some articles written by the site owner himself.  And it is somewhat difficult to find material if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for!  But there is a good deal of overlap between Theologue.org and Providence Baptist Ministries on the subject of eschatology, although the latter appears to have less material that is critical of dispensationalism.   Rediscovering the Bible has several online books in that vein posted as well, many of which are not available elsewhere.

Since the Theologue site had been online for so long, it is available on the Web Archive.  So, all is not lost although eventually this material won’t come up in search engine results any longer.

Time permitting, I may start another blog and begin posting some of these historic premil resources. It’s a topic of personal interest and I’ve found that the views of older writers (especially) in the historic/covenant premil camp aren’t widely understood.


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