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In a recent issue of the Quarterly Review of the Trinitarian Bible Society, there is an article that recommends reading aloud while reading the Scriptures in one’s private or devotional reading. In the past, largely due to the statements made by others, I considered moving the lips or reading aloud to oneself be a sign of low intelligence!  While I’ve occasionally read a hard to understand sentence or passage aloud through the years, reading aloud isn’t something that I had given much thought.  However, after reading the linked article, I’ve tried off and on for the past few months (mainly with the KJV, which I’ve been reading more of recently) and I have found the practice to have several benefits.

First, it forces me to slow down.  Particularly when reading the Bible, it seems that reading slower is better when reading publicly as well.  Second, I find that it aids in comprehension. It’s probably also an aid to memorization since you’re both reading and hearing the Word.

On some occasions when doing this, I’ve found myself wanting to read more than usual.  In particular, I’ve enjoyed reading several of the shorter epistles all the way through, which is how I imagine they would have been read to the original recipients.  Of course there isn’t always the time to read a dozen chapters per day, particularly when reading more slowly. That being said, for most of us, if we spend much time doing things like watching television or surfing the internet, more time can probably be found on some days than we might imagine.

Have you ever been in the habit of reading the Bible or any other book aloud on any kind of regular basis?  If so, what are your thoughts?


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